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Enhance the value of the Rosetta brand by ensuring: Rosetta is the most trusted independent jewelery company with authority, expertise, and service excellence. We aim to be Prompt, Precise & Preferred.


Inspire the loyalty of Rosetta clients by being the most trusted jewellery company in our markets; be an authority in each area of our business; acting responsibly and ethically.


Rosetta Core Values: These clarify what Rosetta stands for, and what we believe in. Our rich, 35 years heritage demands that we maintain the Rosetta tradition of honesty, courtesy, personal responsibility, and professionalism in appearance and conduct.

Core Values

  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Commitment, trust and respect for customers, partners and employees
  • Achieve excellence in everything we do
  • Provide unparalleled service to our customers
  • Sustainable growth
  • Meaningful Innovation
  • Achieve results through teamwork and collaboration